Turmeric Milk Mix
  • Turmeric Milk Mix

    Ayurvedic immune booster, cures body ache and gives relief from menstrual cramps. It is also great for good health and skin, packed with anti inflammotry properties and anti oxidants.


      The Turmeric Milk Mix is an Ayurvedic remedy that has been handed down by mu Grand mother.It is an age old remedy that helps in fighting any kind of body ache as well as menstrual cramps. Mixing a tsp of this mixture with hot milk and drinking while its hot, aids in relief of any pain or fatigue and gives better sleep. Turmeric, Saffron,Pepper,Cardamom and Cinnamon has many medicinal benefits such as they are rich in anti oxidants and has anti inflammatory properties, cures liver diseases, fights against cancer and helps with depression, high cholesterol and improves the gut. Piperine (in black pepper) enhances curcumin (in Turmeric) absorption in the body by up to 2,000%, combining the spices magnifies their effects.


      Try the miracle of spices and feel the difference.

      Ingredients :Turmeric, Saffron,Cardamom,Cinnamon, Pepper


      Instructions: Mix 1 tsp of the content in 250 ml hot milk of your choice. Add sugar as per taste.

      Drink while the milk is still hot or warm.

      2- 3 Servings



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