Pregnant ? Spice to the rescue.

As a first time mom you are absolutely clueless what to do and what to eat. Some Days you wake up feeling almost dead, like someone has just vacuumed your energy and some days feels like the best day in your life. Raging hormones, cramping stomach and a growing uterus, well it is overwhelming at times.

And then comes the nausea, the heat burn, acid reflux, mood swings, headaches , cold and list goes on. So there isn't any magic pill that you can pop and feel great again.

Every Indian family believes in the magic of Spices. Spices go beyond the kitchen and we use them as medicines. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was told to bite on carom seeds and a piece of ginger to get rid of my nausea. I even carried some ginger candy and carom seeds while traveling back from India to Frankfurt. It was a life saver.

There is always a myth around not having Spicy food during pregnancy. That is quite true. But there is a difference between spicy food and food cooked with the right spices.

Spices that work wonders during Pregnancy

Black Pepper

A rich source of Chromium, needed during pregnancy as low chromium levels increase blood sugar levels and thus leading to diabetes or heart diseases. Should be taken in moderation : 30 mcg daily


Ginger is the magic ingredient that fights all the morning sickness. Taken in teas everyday relieves morning sickness and nausea.


One of my favorite spices, adding a pinch of cardamom helps those suffering from anemia. Also helps blood not to clot. Also great for dealing with bad breaths and anxiety.


Helps in keeping your blood pressure under control. Its anti-inflammatory properties help with dealing with inflammations ( those crazy joint pains). Since its a hot spice, it should be consumed in moderation as it could increase heartburn .


The golden spice as we call it. Not only does it add up to your pregnancy glow but helps with dealing with all the aches and pain. Curcumin, the main ingredient, helps reduce oxidative stress along with its magical anti- inflammatory properties. Daily limit 8 gms a day.


The queen of Spices when taken in moderation is great during pregnancy, as it promotes positive emotions and possesses certain medicinal qualities that help deal with the symptoms of pregnancy. Saffron helps cope with feelings of anxiety, stress and stomach pain and is often recommended to pregnant women for its many qualities.

I have been drinking milk with half a tsp of my Turmeric Milk mix thrice a week and I have clearly seen not just a difference in my skin ( No! I didn't have any pregnancy glow: still in my first trim ), also helps me deal with anxiety, depression and joint aches.

Evenings I usually drink a cup of my Masala Tea, with a pinch of black tea ( decaf if available). The benefits of the spices literally rejuvenates me and soothes my senses and helps me from dozing off.

Spices truly are nature's medicines, taken in moderation, they truly work wonders during pregnancy.