Who are the Bangalis/ Bengalis/ Bongs?

The Bangalis are 'Bhojon Rosheek Maush' which means we love food and everything around and about it. We live to eat and not eat to live, hence we love spending time in our kitchen preparing some amazing 'Bangali Khabar' ( #Bengalifood).

Since we hail from West Bengal a state that lies in the eastern part of India, we are called #Bengalis/#Bangalis or well a cooler term '#Bongs' even though I prefer calling myself a Bangali that too a Bheto one, meaning, I like any other Bangali, love rice.And rice is incomplete without Maach which is fish. Since we are surrounded by water bodies we get a huge variety of fishes that we love eating, some of the popular ones are 'Rui, Catla, Illish, Tangra, Pabda,Parshe and of course Chingri' or prawns.

We also love our greens which we call Shaak and we have plenty of them, cooked in such a way that you would fall in love with your green all over again. Vegetables play a very important role along with lentils or Daal and a meal is incomplete without them.

Last but not the least, a Sunday is incomplete without Mangsho which is Mutton or goat meat. Chicken as a meat is fairly new to us (less than 100 years), but that too has gained a lot of popularity and falls under the Mangsho category.

Food plays a very important part in our lives.

We don't really need an occasion to cook to make something lavish. Food is always omni present just like Fish. But our street foods has a charm of its own, an aroma that lingers all around and makes you salivate. Phuchka, Churmur, Chops, Jhal Muri, Cutlets, Rolls and the list goes on.

Of course we a sweet tooth too and hence you'll probably find the most diverse and unique mishtis or sweets in Bengal, each having a taste of its own but nothing like Rosogolla ( sweet balls made of cottage cheese dunked in sugar syrup)or Mishti Doi ( sweet yogurt).

Did you know the Portuguese were the ones who introduces cottage cheese to us, else we would have never had our Rosogollas or Mishtis.

Bengali Cuisine is one of the most diverse cuisines in the world.

Hence the array of different cuisines and different cultural diversity.

We #bangalis are jovial, love to celebrate without reasons, laugh to our hearts content, are broad minded forward thinkers and love the company of people, love eating and love cooking, but last but not the least, we love our lyaad too. Lyaad is hard to define, its a feeling similar to a couch potato, without a couch or a TV.

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