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The diversity of Bengali cuisine

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Bengali cuisine is one of the most diverse cuisines in the world with influences from all over the world and a very interesting history on its diversity of delicacies.

Since we lie in the coastal region, we are Fish eaters and we love Goat meat ( mutton) as well but most importantly our day is incomplete without vegan/ vegetarian dishes which were actually developed by the unsung heroes of Bengal-'the widows'.  It is simple yet delectable, nothing like any other dish found in India.

Hence the Vegan and Vegetarian array of dishes called Niramish- which is without ginger and garlic since it was forbidden for them.

Our dishes have influence from all over the world be it Europeans,the British, Mughals or the Asians and history has been a witness to how our cuisine has metamorphosed over time.

Hence our style of cooking,the flavors a well each and every dish has a unique history to it.